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In 2014 seventeen of the region’s established barristers came together to form Senate House Chambers.

Our mission from inception has been to provide the highest quality legal service in Northampton, the Midlands and the South of England.

Our ethos is based on four pillars of integrity, professionalism, strength and respect. For us, the Roman Senate House provides a classical reference point for these critical values.

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Every barrister, pupil and staff member at Senate House Chambers commits to acting with the utmost integrity at all times. This is in accordance with our professional code of conduct.

Our members understand that the advice and representation we give may impact significantly on the lives and futures of our clients – at a time when they may be vulnerable or disadvantaged.

We promise to represent the interests of our clients without fear or favour, to be strong for those who are weak, and to be honourable and trustworthy in both our individual practices and the management of our Chambers.


We are all proud stakeholders in a legal profession that we passionately believe in. We consider that all members of the public deserve, and are entitled to expect, the greatest standards of professionalism from our members, pupils and staff. We commit to consistently provide the highest quality of service, representation and care to our lay and professional clients.


At Northampton’s Senate House Chambers we’re purposeful, innovative and resilient. We derive our strength from the collective experience and common objectives of our members and staff. Although we’re all self-employed, we know that we’re stronger as a team – sharing ideas, resources and knowledge.

This cohesive approach is essential – the legal profession is changing fast and facing new challenges. Key examples include new business structures and cuts to legal aid. All members of Chambers undertake both private and publicly funded work and are ready to grow and adapt with the challenges we face. We’re committed to maintaining our joint vision and providing the very best service for all of our lay and professional clients.


Every single one of us at Senate House Chambers is committed to treating clients, other practitioners and members of the public with respect at all times. Courtesy is central to our duty of professionalism.

All members, pupils and staff operate within a culture of mutual respect and consideration. At Senate House Chambers, you can sense an environment buzzing with the free exchange of thought and opinion – a place where ideas can grow and flourish. We will not tolerate bullying or discrimination in any form.

From their very first day with us, we treat pupils as prospective tenants. We give them comprehensive training, enabling them to realise their potential in a structured and safe environment.

Our constitution ensures that Chambers is run in a transparent and democratic manner. All members have an equal say in its management and in the decisions affecting its future.

Senate House Chambers, your legal team

founded on the four pillars of…

Integrity, Respect, Professionalism and Strength