Dear Colleagues and Clients,

Events throughout the world recently have caused us (along with many other businesses and organisations) to reflect upon and review our approach to diversity.

Senate House Chambers is resolutely committed to the principle of equality. It stands firmly as a core element of our founding pillar of integrity. We believe that the rule of law extends to all people equally irrespective of colour, age, gender, sexuality, ability or confidence and we strive to embody this principle in every area of our work and practice. We are staunchly committed to the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion in all that we do.

We remain actively committed and open to learning better ways of working and practicing to ensure that our existing efforts achieve this for everyone.

We will remain alert to the possibility of bias both conscious and unconscious and we stand ready to challenge inequality in our professional in ANY form whatsoever, whenever we may encounter it.  We make it clear that it shall not be tolerated.  We understand that it is always possible for every organisation and each individual to improve and to do better and we shall take every step to ensure that inclusion and equality are achieved for all.