On 3rd September 2022, the Senate House Sprinters (shufflers) ran the Bedford Twilight 10k to raise funds for Breast Cancer Now – a charity undertaking world-class research and life-changing care to those affected by breast cancer. Breast cancer has touched Senate House Chambers, its members and wider family over the years, so we wanted to raise awareness and funds to help make a change and to support those who have and continue to be impacted by it.

In September 2021 Sophie’s sister, Hatti, passed away from Secondary Breast Cancer, aged just 29. Hatti was a professional dancer, keen runner and huge advocate for celebrating the strength and resilience of the human body. So we ran in Hatti’s memory and for all those who have been affected by breast cancer.

The start line was a nervous one with the realisation of the 10k that lay ahead. Those who had trained hard for the last eight weeks being keen to get going (and those who had had set backs with training keen to get it over and done with)!

During training despite some being plagued with Covid, injuries and the extreme hot weather, the dedication, support and motivation of the group carried us all through to reach the finish line.
Thanks to such staggering support over £5,000 was raised for this fantastic charity.

The team – Sophie G, Kate, Ayesha, Andrew, Charlene, Elizabeth, Grant, Sam D, Shazia, Amanda, Sam A.

SHC is committed to continuing to support local charities and events. The next challenge being abseiling down the Northampton Lift Tower (418ft!!!) to raise funds for SHC’s nominated charity, KidsAid. We wish every success and luck to those taking part in this event.