Samantha Dunn represented a father in care proceedings whereby the Local Authority were seeking to prove that the child had sustained a non accidental inflicted head injury resulting in bilateral subdural fluid collections over the child’s cerebral hemispheres. The most likely mechanism of causation suggested by the experts was shaking. The expert evidence was challenged on the basis that the child’s head was always slightly more bossed than the twin sibling’s head following birth; the parents were unaware of the causation for such presentation. The Judge accepted that the health visitor head circumference measurements were unreliable and the relevant recording was probably wrong, suggesting raised intracranial pressure was visible very early on in the child’s life. The parents were in a settled relationship and were well supported by extended family members. There was no concerning evidence of neglect, substance misuse, financial or housing difficulties, violence, criminality or mental health difficulties within this case. This was a very positive picture which proved a highly relevant context for the determination that needed to be made by the Court. Having discounted the health visitor recordings as being unreliable, the Judge determined that the injuries were of “unknown aetiology”. Accordingly, the threshold criteria was not satisfied and the children were immediately returned to their parents care.